Chanel Chose Us

To design, plan and organise their New Delhi May 2019 seminar

Why Chanel chose us

” To be honest I had sent emails to a lot of companies, but I had a really good feeling with you.

You were responding quickly to my requests and understood right away what we wanted.

Chanel tries regularly to work with small companies to help them as well. 

Chanel’s desired experience

  • Organise a seminar for the Middle East visual merchandising team from the Luxury brand Chanel.
  • The 5-day seminar in New Delhi in May 2019 for 16 team members of different nationalities.
  • Working in a luxury fashion house, savoir-faire is really interesting and important as is supporting small companies, social enterprises and artisans.
  • One whole day will be dedicated to discovering more about Indian craftsmanship encompassing indigo dyeing, different types of embroidery and arts and crafts.
  • Meeting local established and/or upcoming fashion designers in their flagship showroom is desired.
  • Apart from the accommodation, transport, fine dining experience, guides and on ground support needs to be arranged.
  • A Chanel branded seminar pack needs to be designed and handmade.

Chanel’s Feedback

” Dear Joji,

One more time I wanted to thank you and your team for arranging our seminar in India. We had a wonderful time and everyone is going back with lots of good memories.

Thanks for the organisation, your availability and your help.

Couldn’t happen without you!

Hope we’ll be in touch,

Middle East VM team “

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