Vesta Bikaner Palace

Accommodation – Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Vesta Bikaner Palace is an independent design hotel in the city of Bikaner. The interiors of the hotel are modern and contemporary with vibrant touches of traditional extravagance built in every corner of the hotel. The design of the hotel was inspired by the people of the Bikaner and the spirit of the city resonates from every corner of the hotel. One such feature is the guest room door. Each door is a work of art, literally speaking. On each door is a portrait which has been captured in and around the city of Bikaner. These images reflect the true heritage of Bikaner with a modern and quirky touch. You will see the bazaars of Bikaner, the crafts of the city, and traditional old world Rajasthani people, yet with mobile phones and New York t-shirts.

When you enter your room, the story of these images follows you inside the rooms. And since each door opens into the central courtyard, the hotel becomes a veritable art gallery. The destination tour thus starts from within the hotel.

Over 2,000 sqft the lobby of the hotel is again a blend of traditional Rajasthani and contemporary design. With an imposing 30 foot height, the ceiling is adorned with large crystal chandeliers. The furniture offers modern chesterfield leather sofas with traditional large chairs. The Vesta Social Media Wall in the lobby of the hotel is another unique feature which depicts our interaction with the online world. The corridors of the hotel are embellished with chandeliers, large pillars and contemporary artifacts from all over the globe. You will find blends of Buddha seamlessly merging with modern stone and wooden artifacts.

Vesta Bikaner Palace

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