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Our handcrafted personally escorted small group tours to India are lead by the business owner/s, to ensure our guests get to enjoy an authentic and experience-rich holiday.

All our tours are designed to provide you

  • a good balance between planned group activities (which you can also choose not to participate in) at a destination
  • free time for you to pursue your own interests or just relax and rejuvenate.

Select the type of tour you prefer from the above links or feel free to contact us to assist you with this.

Upcoming Small Group Tours

Why join our small group tours to India?

Our handcrafted personally escorted tours to India are lead by the business owner/s, to ensure our guests get to enjoy an authentic and experience-rich holiday.

We take our guests off the beaten tourist track so they get to see and taste the real India. This provides our guests with the opportunity to meet and interact with the local people in their natural surroundings and observe them at work or play. Our culturally sensitive approach and ability to speak several of the India languages enables us to connect our guests with the local people in a very personal way.

Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of our Indian culture and traditions together with our appreciation of the Western culture and views enables us to provide explanations so you can gain a deeper understanding of the philosophy and way of life in India.

During these personally escorted tours, we are always on the look out for serendipitous events and activities that will surprise and delight our guests. While we keep to our itinerary in the main, as the tour progresses, we collaborate with our guests to further mould the activities so it personalises it even more.

Our pre-designed and escorted tours attract both a mixed group (from various countries, of different age groups and walks of life) and a private group (friends and/or family) of like-minded people.

I loved the tour, you guys have done immense research and that is obvious .. You three were a delight , thank you.. We would never have seen as much nor done as much without you.. Totally recommend :). In fact, I already have.. Read more >>

Julia Barnett

One has to visit India to experience the Magic of India. Until then, it will be shrouded in mystery, misunderstanding and fear. Let us take you there and assist you to experience the Real India.

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