Packaged Small Group Tours

Travel with the local experts during the best time of the year to fully enjoy your trip.

Personalised Tour

Our handcrafted personally escorted small group tours to India and the other Asian countries are lead by the business owner/s, to ensure our guests get to enjoy an authentic and experience-rich holiday.

Packaged tours

All of our tour packages include carefully selected boutique accommodations, unique regional architecture, regional cuisine, village visits, the chance to interact with locals in their natural habitats, and opportunities to experience the culture and traditions of the region through art, music, and daily life.

Cotton Traditions

12 Days Farm to Fabric Tour of Gujarat

2024 - 20 Sept to 1 Oct 2024
2025 - 28 Sept to 9 Oct 2025

From NZ$6355 | Max 10 Guests 

Journey through Gujarat, the heartland of ancient crafting traditions, where indigo dyes splash into vibrant fabrics, intricate embroidery whispers timeless stories, and double ikat weaves tell secrets hidden for centuries. Venture beyond the tourist trail, meeting master artisans in charming villages, … Read More >>


Golden Threads of Moguls

13 Days Farm to Fabric Tour of Delhi, Lucknow and West Bengal

2024 - 2 to 14 Oct 2024
2025 - 10 to 22 Oct 2025

From NZ$6885 | Max 10 Guests 

Explore Delhi’s historic bazaars and the iconic Taj Mahal, then delve into Lucknow’s Nawabi legacy and Chikan embroidery. Marvel at Kolkata’s jamdani weaving in charming villages, … Read More >>


Flavours of Tamil Nadu

A 12-Day Culinary Journey through Spice and Tradition

2024 - 2 to 13 Oct 2024
2024 - 16 to 27 Oct 2024
2025 - 10 to 21 Oct 2025
2025 - 24 Oct to 4 Nov 2025

From NZ$6900 | Max 7 Guests

Experience the best of Tamil Nadu’s cuisine, culture, and history on this 12-day tour. Accompanied by Joji Jacob, a self-taught cook who has spent some of his days in Tamil Nadu, you will visit the significant cultural and culinary sites of the region … Read More >>


Spirit of Rajasthan

20 Days Exotic Tour of Rajasthan

2024 - 16 Oct to 4 Nov 2024
2025 - 24 Oct to 12 Nov 2024

From NZ$8850 | Max 10 Guests

Our tour, ‘Spirit of Rajasthan,’ has been designed for you to experience the kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, arts, music, food and lifestyle of the most dramatic and colourful part of India. … Read More >>


Essence of Kerala & Tamil Nadu

19 Days in the Land of Aromatic Spices and Natural Beauty

2024 - 16 Oct to 4 Nov 2024
2025 - 24 Oct to 12 Nov 2025

From NZ$7350 | Max 10 Guests

Indulge your senses on this 19-day small group escorted tour of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, the relaxed southern states of the Indian subcontinent. Prized for millennia for its aromatic spices and natural beauty… Read More >>


Malabar Coast Culinary Odyssey

12-Day - Tasting the delicious flavours & culture of Northern Kerala

2024 - 29 Oct to 9 Nov 2024
2024 - 11 to 22 Nov 2024
2025 - 6 to 17 Nov 2025
2025 - 23 Nov to 4 Dec 2025

From NZ$6,900 | Max 7 Guests

If you enjoy exploring food and culture, then the 12-day culinary tour of Kerala with Joji Jacob is perfect for you. Joji, a self-taught cook with a deep love for Indian cuisine, will guide you through four of the most diverse and delicious areas in God’s Own Country. … Read More >>


Coast to Hills Culinary Odyssey

12 Days - A Delectable Tapestry of Flavours from the Malabar Coast to the Western Ghats in Kerala

2024 - 2 to 13 Nov 2024
2024 - 19 to 30 Nov 2024
2025 - 10 to 21 Nov 2025
2025 - 27 Nov to 8 Dec 2025

From NZ$6,900 | Max 7 Guests

Embark on a 12-day epicurean journey that transcends mere taste; it’s a cultural revelation, a voyage through the heart and soul of Central Kerala with Joji Jacob. From the sun-soaked shores of Fort Kochi to the misty heights of Munnar, … Read More >>


Enchanting Western Ghats

19 Days Nature & Wildlife Tour

2024 - 23 Nov to 11 Dec 2024
2025 - 1 to 19 Dec 2025

From NZ$7550 | Max 10 Guests

Come with us, a small group of 8-10 friendly and curious travellers, on an amazing journey through the lush green landscapes of Southern Karnataka and Northern Kerala, where you will discover charming cities, vibrant silk markets, scenic coffee plantations, stunning natural rainforests and diverse wildlife… Read More >>


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