Weavers Studio

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Weavers Studio has dedicated itself to working intensively and extensively at the grassroots level with craftsperson, textile and design institutes, museums, textile resource centres and experts. The Studio has conducted extensive studies in natural Dyes, especially indigo and is a member of various esteemed organizations and bodies of international repute promoting the cause of textiles from ancient trade.

Their Work and Achievements

“Weavers Studio Resource Centre” conducts training linked to jobs, literacy, holistic & healthcare programmes and encourages the formation of Self Help Groups. Work locations constitute parts of Kolkata and South 24 Parganas in the state of West Bengal.

Since 2007, Weavers Studio Resource Centre has worked tirelessly by supporting various causes and assisting other agencies. Starting with supply of life saving medicines and essential items to the victims of Aila (West Bengal), Weavers Studio Resource Centre has distributed food grains, blankets, sweaters, garments, medical aid, toys, books, school bags, water bottles, etc to organizations like orphanages, old age homes, destitute centres, cancer centres and institutions for the mentally challenged. Weavers Studio Resource Centre also works with institutions like Udayan Care and Anant Education Initiatives, garnering support from its patrons for the education of young girls & boys.

Their office is located at 5/1, Anil Moitra Road, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata. A major part of their work is being carried out under the personal supervision of their executives. Work at the grassroots level is managed in collaboration with agencies that undertake the on-site work and followed up with a stringent audit and report system.

Weavers Studio

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