Urmul Trust

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Urmul has been working towards strengthening the status of the child in the society. It understands the onus on progression and development lies on children and all efforts need to be focused on these founding pillars of the society. It has been working systematically with the communities, the local authorities, as well as policy-makers to strengthen opportunities and ensure survival for children in the desert. From ICDS to schools, Urmul has closely worked and proved long-term changes can be strewn the society. It has worked to strengthen the communities to take the ownership of development constructs and positive progression in the society.

Their Work and Achievements

In the harsh and inhospitable regions of rural Rajasthan in the Thar Desert, Urmul Trust has been innovating models for inducing community-driven socio developmental changes by devising programmes, strengthening them, sustaining and finally handing them over to communities. Urmul’s work is guided by the spirit and trust placed in people’s capabilities to bring about the much-needed social change with their own efforts.

Most of the work is focused on vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society – Women and Children.  Following the integrated development approaches, Urmul works on all the Millennium Development Goals. We adopt service delivery platforms, advocacy and lobbying tools for empowering the marginalised and vulnerable sections of society in over 500 villages in this desert state of India. Continue reading…

Urmul Trust

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