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What do they do?

  • Steering critical campaigns and programs directly.
  • Providing knowledge and support platform for social entrepreneurs, researchers and change agents.
  • Mentoring and developing children and youth as green citizens of the future.
  • Being a role model institution for change.

Their Work and Achievements

Agriculture and Food Sovereignty

Promoting organic farming, conserving agro biodiversity – Sustainable agriculture for safe food and food sovereignty. More >>

Sustainable Resource Use and Management

Campaign on Zero Waste – Ethical, Efficient and Economical resource use for a toxic free and just world. More >>

Living Ecosystems

The current ‘Development’ paradigm, unfortunately, do not consider the totality of eco systems which support lives and livelihoods of people. The engines of ‘Development’ which are motivated by temporary profits disregard just and equitable right over the natural resources. The piece meal approach in managing land without considering the ecosystems of which they are part of it leads to environmental disaster and social conflicts. Living Ecosystems is a programme of Thanal, where it tries to sensitize public and policy makers in land use so as to conserve the eco systems which harbors millions of people and their livelihood. Through policy advocacy and campaign, Thanal contributed for the formulation of Wetland and Paddy land conservation programmes and policies in Kerala. Currently Thanal is following the debates over the Western Ghats.


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