SEWA Lucknow

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SELF EMPLOYED WOMEN’S ASSOCIATION (SEWA-Lucknow) is an autonomous organisation of Chikan artisans. Impetus for setting up SEWA-Lucknow came from a UNICEF sponsored study conducted in 1979 on the condition of Chikan artisans. The study established that over 40,000 Chikan artisans working in and around Lucknow were highly exploited in the industry even as middlemen made hay. As a result, Chikan artisans lived in shanty localities and suffered from poverty; they and their offspring were illiterate; and their families had poor health. Vision: To set up an egalitarian and gender just society.

Mission: To serve the marginalized women by providing them training linked with production and marketing, and by eliminating middlemen for their socio-economic empowerment and sustainable development. SEWA Lucknow after making endless efforts over the years was able to revive this craft by bringing in product variations with continuous changes in designs that created new interests in the buyer’s mind and finally, gave a new life to this dying product. This activity, which also termed as the Income Generation Activity (IGP) of the organization is no more grant driven. It started with self generated personal contributions and a small support from EZE. It is more than a decade now that it has been operating with its self generated resources and bank credit limits.

SEWA Lucknow

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