Judith Feakin

Wellington, New Zealand

“Rajasthan Tour, a kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, arts, music, food and lifestyle and more…”

Good morning Joji,

The tour was, as described on the website, a “kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, arts, music, food and lifestyle” and more. Hence, the tour met my expectations and more. As, before felt very safe and looked after, with the attention to detail you gave exceptional. Thank you.

I know you have gathered some thoughts on accommodation, which I agree with. The Park Hotel was below standard, and Chhotaram homestay needed better linen. I enjoyed the India Gate experience; perhaps accommodation in this area would be good, as a day experience of the weekend crowds would be just as enjoyable.
The Blue Pottery experience was just one activity too many on a busy day. I would still like to include a pottery experience, if possible. A simple rating survey for accommodation and activities may be more helpful to you. It could range from change to definitely keep.

I made myself aware of the travel times between accommodations before I registered, so I knew there were some long days. Guests can forget how big India is when living in NZ. Having a bus with plenty of room is very important. The best scenario has a window seat each.

One last thought. On this trip, there was a lot of activity on the WhatsApp group, which I found distracting. (I am aware I was a contributor!)

The extra website information you gave during the trip, I found, was “info overload” for me, and I didn’t open any till I got home.

Now you have a collection of these links related to the trip. Could they be posted as reading material to read before or after the trip? Each guest chooses their preference or puts on a secondary WhatsApp group, leaving the other for information and photos needed for the day. One guest was interacting with these links from 3 am most days and became overwhelmed through lack of sleep, and this caused ripples through the group in two ways. Most thought you were being unfairly put in a difficult position, and the guest was not considering the group.

I understand all the pros of having this extra information, but it became too much for me on a busy trip.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do a second trip, and I enjoyed it as much as the first.

Keep up the great work.


Judith Feakin

Wellington, New Zealand

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