Jenny & Peter Atkinson

Wellington, New Zealand

“We are nature lovers, so this trip included two days on safari in the Nagarahole National Park, travelling by jeep and boat and observing wildlife including elephants, gaur and even an elusive tiger…”

“Travel to India was easy. We like to get away from busy tourist spots, and our custom tour did just that. Joji designed a memorable 26-day trip for us based on the Western Ghats tour, incorporating a variety of locations and experiences at each destination.

We are nature lovers, so this trip included two days on safari in the Nagarahole National Park, travelling by jeep and boat and observing wildlife, including elephants, gaurs, and even an elusive tiger.

Other highlights included a secluded lodge in the Wayanad rain forest and daytime walks to bird watch in the surrounding district, and an unforgettable night on our personal houseboat on the Kerala backwaters, watching how the locals live alongside the waterways.

We attended a wonderful cooking demonstration with Abida incorporating visits to the fish, spice and vegetable markets to purchase the ingredients for our lunch. The cooking class with Neema in Kochi has resulted in us replicating the dishes back home and impressing friends and family with our authentic Kerala cuisine.

There were just the two of us travelling, and all the stresses of travel were dealt with by having a driver for the entire 26 days, plus friendly and knowledgeable local guides at each destination to take us around the sights. Joji and his team were in regular contact, asking if all was going well and we felt well supported.

The accommodations were fabulous, and we enjoyed the variety of 5-star hotels, lodges, and homestays. Because many of our locations were remote, we generally ate at the hotel or lodge, and the food was always delicious, with a lot of choices. The staff were extremely helpful, and we enjoyed chatting with them.

We loved our days in the big cities of Bengaluru, Mysuru and Fort Kochi and were able to surprise the locals by heading off for walks on our own. We always felt safe and enjoyed that experience of exploring.

We highly recommend travelling with ATI Travel either in their escorted small groups or having Joji personalise your trip based on your interests and preferences.”

26 Days Tailor-made South India Tour

Bangaluru | Mysuru | Kodagu | Kabani | Vythiri | Kozhikode | Fort Kochi | Munnar | Houseboat | Alappuzha | Kochi

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Jenny & Peter Atkinson

Wellington, New Zealand

Photo credits: Jenny Atkinson

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