Is India Safe?

A lot of people would love to travel to India but are afraid to do so.

The greatest fears are around falling ill (“Delhi Belly”), personal safety, dangerous driving, being taken for a ride, being harassed, pick pocketing, abject poverty and lack of amenities to name a few.

Are these fears founded on facts or fiction? Hear what our guest has to say after their trip to India with us!

Delhi Belly




People often say how brave you were to travel to India. Little do they know they know that travelling with Joji means that you looked after and cared for 24 hours a day and you dine on the most amazing food! Safety is paramount and ensuring you have the best possible and varied local experiences is the next priority on their list.

We have travelled to many third world countries but this experience was different as it wasn’t just a sightseeing tour it was a cultural tour with some social conscience travel added in.

In future, we will always look to ensure that add charities to the list as the places chosen by Joji added a totally new dimension to the country and we were left humbled by the work that people do and the lives that others live. As well as that we had fun!

Not many tours are you fortunate enough to start as tourists and leave as friends. We can’t recommend All Things India enough!

Robyn & Peter Spurdle

Rotorua, New Zealand