Irene Swadling and Colin Payne

Wellington, New Zealand

“We could easily walk out to see more of the nearby villages and meet the local people, who seemed to enjoy talking to people from New Zealand about our cricket!”

“In January this year Colin and Irene travelled to the Kerala and Tamil Nadu Provinces of Southern India. We joined a small group lead by Joji Jacob, ably supported by his wife and son. It was a worthwhile and delightful trip. Joji’s knowledge of the area, his careful planning and research and the appropriate choices he made meant we had a varied and interesting visit. We were able to enjoy and learn about the small industry, culture, old fishing techniques, visit a local village headman and much more. The accommodation was varied, attractive and interesting, ranging from friendly homestays before joining and after Colin and I left the group, a Yoga Retreat, a houseboat to well-placed hotels. Joji went the extra mile and made excellent arrangements for an add-on for Colin and me to visit Agra and the time spent there. We would certainly recommend travel with Joji Jacob; the fact that our trip included his family gave it an extra dimension.
Irene Swadling and Colin Payne

Wellington, New Zealand

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