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Textiles of India – Free multi-media presentation

by | May 5, 2016 | Events

We would like to invite you and your members to our free, multi-media presentation on Indian Textiles. Being ex-Toastmasters with a great sense of humour, we can assure you that our presentation will be fun, lively and entertaining whilst being informative and interesting.

We will also have on display, many types of textiles (cotton, silk, cotton-silk, Tassar silk, tribal etc) and embroidery (Kantha, Chikan Kari (trust us it is not chicken curry mis-spelt!), Zardozi, Aari, tribal etc.) that we have collected during our travels so you too can view and enjoy them before or after the talk.

So please, do come along and let us take you on a virtual journey through India, it’s landscapes, its people and its centuries old textiles art as we trace the Farm to Fashion trek. In return, share your passion and knowledge with us.

We had a great turn out at our first presentation on 11th March, 2016 at the same venue titled ‘The Real India’ and received very positive feedback. So we are confident that you will enjoy our presentation.

About Us
We love all things creative – textiles, embroidery, art, crafts, architecture, books, cuisine, arty movies and more.Our home is an expression of this passion. We have enveloped ourselves with beautiful embellished textiles and creative expressions through many median.

We also love travelling, so it is not surprising that we have landed up combining these passions so we can really celebrate creativity in all its colourful and soul enriching forms in different parts of the world.


When : Monday 9th May 2016 from 6.00pm – 7.30pm

Where : Wellington Central Library

Book your seats now! Call Joji on 021 505 713 or send an email to joji@atitravel.nz

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