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As rich in natural beauty as in historic sites, North India is a much visited region. A wide variety of landscapes can be enjoyed here, from the snow-capped peaks, alpine valleys and pine forests of Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh, to the flat plains of Haryana and Punjab, dappled with fields of golden mustard and wheat.

In the sharp contrast is the urban sprawl of Delhi, a bustling metropolis and nation’s capital. Ladakh’s dramatically sited cliff top monasteries and pristine trekking trails are major attractions for visitors, as are Shimla’s Raj-era ambience and Dharmsala’s distinctive Tibetan flavour. Amritsar’s great Sikh spine, the Golden Temple, and Delhi’s magnificent Mugal monuments are other popular destinations.

Above sourced from DK Eyewitness Travel India.

Delhi & Haryana


Himachal Pradesh

Jammu and Kashmir


Cuisine from North India

“More of flavour and less of taste”
Exquisite and Unique, Awadhi Biryani of Lucknow is the shining star of Awadhi Cuisine, inspiring appetite for the rich culture of this historical city.

Gordon Ramsay travels to Delhi to sample real Indian food.

Music from North India

Punjabi music reiterating a message for the youth that speaks about not forgetting your roots, in this age of modernity.

Kashmiri Folk Medley

Punjabi fusion