Alina Godfrey & Michael Healy

Wellington, New Zealand

“Our trip was absolutely wonderful, we describe it as a trip of 2 halves, the city, and the jungle…”

We are so pleased we did the city part, had we gone ahead with our original plan of going straight to the jungle we would have missed it altogether. We learned so much about the culture and tasted so many delicious foods. The street food tour was an absolute highlight of our trip. Our guides and drivers were excellent, special shout out to Himlam and Prem :). They were just wonderful and we were so grateful for them taking such good care of us.

The homestays were great and we even managed to come home with some homemade Mango Chutney from Ikaki Niwas!! We were so pleased when customs let us keep it!!

The jungle was incredible and seeing Tigers and Leopards in the wild was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, just amazing! We’ll send you some of our fav photos off the camera once we’ve sorted through them, we have thousands! haha!

Thank you for organizing for us, we couldn’t speak highly enough and will be directing anyone who wants to travel to India your way!!

Alina Godfrey & Michael Healy

Wellington, New Zealand

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