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“Rajasthan Tour, a kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, arts, music, food and lifestyle and more…”

The tour was, as described on the website, a “kaleidoscope of culture, tradition, arts, music, food and lifestyle” and more. Hence, the tour met my expectations and more. As, before felt very safe and looked after … Full testimonial +

Judith Feakin

Wellington, New Zealand

“A huge thank you for this incredible trip…”

After reading the initial itinerary, I knew this was a trip I wanted to take. However, this journey far exceeded my expectations. Every day was an adventure and a day of discovery, from farm visits (where they laid their precious, … Full testimonial +

Gillian Clark

Wellington, New Zealand

“Our trip was absolutely wonderful, we describe it as a trip of 2 halves, the city, and the jungle…”

We are so pleased we did the city part, had we gone ahead with our original plan of going straight to the jungle we would have missed it altogether. We learned so much about the culture and tasted so many delicious foods. The street food tour … Full testimonial +


Wellington, New Zealand

“India is so many things – vibrant, colourful, challenging contrasts of poverty and wealth,…”

Joji and his ATI (team) did an outstanding job of scheduling a wide range of interests and priorities, making sure that all arrangements were met – not once were we kept waiting, checking on progress and our well-being and when Cyclone Bulbul hit the Sundarbans … Full testimonial +


Christchurch, New Zealand

“The principal focus was traditional textile arts, but there was a marvellous balance of exposure to other arts and traditional crafts, music, design and architecture….”

I travelled with ATI across the north of India in late 2018. The principal focus was traditional textile arts, but there was a marvellous balance of exposure to other arts and traditional crafts, music, design and architecture. The food and varied accommodations were excellent … Full testimonial +

Anna Lennon

Canberra, Australia

“I knew that I would fall in love with India but did not expect to feel the same on the topic of the tour….”

I have had a dream to visit India the whole of my life well at least since I reached into double figures. I just never got around to it and the vastness of this subcontinent, with thoughts of “where do I start with this dream” always stopped me in my tracks until… Full testimonial +

Lola Makower

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

“My highlight was the Muslin weaving. A chance to see a villager spin the cotton that fine…”

Here are my random thoughts.
Overall, I thought the balance of textiles activities and other activities was excellent. When I received the itinerary that was the first thing I looked at, as needed to see more of India… Full testimonial +

Judith Feakin

Lower Hutt, New Zealand

“I found the people to be so beautiful – in each of the geographical areas – both men & women had beautiful faces…”

As you know, Joji, I loved our TOT19 tour! As a weaver & occasional dyer, embroiderer, sewer – I loved watching the local people working on their crafts & showing us how meticulous, patient, creative & clever they are.… Full testimonial +

Joy Dodds

Sydney, Australia

“India is not a holiday, but rather an experience.…”

It is one we will not forget for a long time. We had two days in Delhi before the tour began, and met a wonderful tuk-tuk driver by the name of Dev who showed us the sights, took us to dinner places, and… Full testimonial +

Kate & Brett Fraser

NSW, Australia

“Our accommodation was as varied as our itinerary. We stayed in hotels, home stays, havelis and a desert camp.…”

We were a group of seven on an 18-day trip to see the architectural highlights and the arts and crafts of Rajasthan and to learn a little about the way of life and customs in the region… Full testimonial +

Christine Turner

Wellington, New Zealand

“As first-time visitors to India we wanted to learn about this country of many religions with its rich history and see how it is for people living here and that was certainly what happened.…”

To explain how wonderful our trip to India was I thought about how to do this. How to describe our three plus weeks in this beautiful country? … Full testimonial +

Robyn Gray & Rees Tapsell

Auckland, New Zeland

“This was my fifth visit to India and I would have to say surpassed all my expectations. I came upon ATI Travel by pure chance while searching the internet for small group textile tours. I knew immediately…”

We have recently returned home from India to Australia after a 21-day tour, “Threads of Tradition” with Joji Jacob, All Things India Travel company based in Wellington, New Zealand… Full testimonial +

Bronwyn & Ian Hay

Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

“This is the second time I have had the pleasure of organising my travel arrangements with Joji. This time Joji organised an absolutely breathtaking private tour of Rajasthan…”

Though this was a private tour, we never felt forgotten about. If we had any problems or questions Joji was just a phone call away, and had a team at his fingertips… Full testimonial +

Liz, Jaimie & Jono

Tauranga, New Zealand

“We would like to say that our holiday in Sri Lanka is probably the best holiday that we have ever had….”

We really appreciate the advice you gave us and swift communication. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country on so many levels: the people, countryside, .. Full testimonial +

Andrea & Murray

Christchurch, New Zealand

“As a woman travelling alone, I have a personal rule that I do not go out after dark by myself. Well, In Darjeeling it was dark by 5 pm! So it was good to be able to order a meal at the hotel, even though it was a very small place (11 rooms I think), and there was plenty of choice on the menu…”

My trip went really well, thanks to all your planning. The two hotels you arranged: Pipal Tree in Kolkata, and Villa Everest in Darjeeling, were very comfortable, with helpful staff… Full testimonial +

Pat Booth

Wellington, New Zealand

“Travel is my hobby. I have travelled to many interesting parts of the world, but this was my first visit to India. It is a fascinating country and plans to visit different parts of India every year…”

My 18 days experience of Fascinating India as a solo traveller. I was born in Sri Lanka and have lived in England and New Zealand from 1970… Full testimonial and photo gallery +

John Perera

Wellington, New Zealand

“Even though India had been a dream destination for me for many years, I must admit that I was slightly trepidatious about travelling through India (especially with my two precious travelling companions). My concerns were mainly regarding safety, getting around, overnight train travel, money exchanging, communication and food. …”

Myself, my son 17 and daughter 15, were lucky enough to embark on a journey to Northern India. After a lot of research, we happened upon Joji at ATI Travel, after my Dad saw an advertisement in the NZ Herald. ….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Kim, Liam & Sinead

Warkworth, New Zealand

“It’s difficult for me to describe all of the fibre delights that we saw – starting in Ahmedabad, travelling well into Gujarat, of course, New Delhi and the Taj Mahal, Lucknow, rural West Bengal, and Kolkata. …”

My daughter and I were part of a 21-day marvellous tour in the northern part of India.  It was organized and chaperoned by Joji Jacob of All Things India (ATI) out of Wellington NZ. ….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Millie Sass

Pittsburgh, USA

“Most importantly we had a driver whose devotion to duty was exceptional and a special thanks go to him for making our holiday so enjoyable…”

The brief given to Joji was a rather difficult one as we only had one week to see everything in Tamil Nadu. It was a difficult task but….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Mike & Chris Poland

Waiheke Island, New Zealand

“People often say how brave you were to travel to India….”

Little do they know they know that travelling with Joji means that you looked after and cared for 24 hours a day and you dine on the most amazing food….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Robyn & Peter Spurdle

Rotorua, New Zealand

“What will stay with me forever is the memories in my head and heart.”

I am just reflecting on my trip to India. There is so much I could say with an endless description of all the amazing things I experienced on this trip…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Jacqui Blinkhorne

Wellington, New Zealand

“We were off the beaten track as most of us had requested”

It’s 11,276km from Wellington to Thiruvananthapuram Airport. One doesn’t travel as the crow flies either, but the distance disappeared the minute Joji and Shani’s wide grins met us and welcomed us to Kerala. We knew we were in good hands as Shashwath corralled luggage trolleys, and so it was for the rest of our 16 days…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Penney Moir & Martin Lenart

Wellington, New Zealand

“A tour of faraway and exotic places taken at a leisurely pace and in the confidence”

How about a tour of faraway and exotic places taken at a leisurely pace and in the confidence that everything possible has been done to ensure your complete safety? Well with Joji that is exactly what we received… Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Cherry & Richard Howitt

Christchurch, New Zealand

Philippa & girls

Wellington, New Zealand

“Our trip encompassed fabulous food, fine accommodation, including yoga retreats and a houseboat…”

Our three week trip, Essence of Kerala and Tami Nadu, with ATI Travel in November, exceeded our expectations in so many ways….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Chris & Pete Snelling

Havelock North, New Zealand

In January this year Colin and Irene travelled to the Kerala and Tamil Nadu Provinces of Southern India. We joined a small group lead by Joji Jacob, ably supported by his wife and son….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Irene Swadling and Colin Payne

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand

I loved the tour, you guys have done immense research and that is obvious .. You three were a delight, thank you. We would never have seen as much nor done as much without you. Totally recommend atitravel.nz :). In fact, I already have…… Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Julia Barnett

Wellington, New Zealand

From being met at the airport to being dropped off again, they went out of their way to ensure that the ten participants had a relaxing and enjoyable time……. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Sue Johnstone

Wellington, New Zealand

On the beach we watched a team of about ten strong men hauling in enormous fishing nets, more fishers in graceful canoes gliding along close to the shore, people of all ages from the nearby village…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Ruth Mansell

Wellington, New Zealand

We have been asked by many people, what was the best part of our trip and we’ve struggled to single out one thing. Every day we had experiences which were fantastic and different.  We were particularly taken by the ….Full testimonial and photo gallery +
Glenn & Laurel Hocking

Perth, Australia

Thank you, Shani and Joji for organising and planning for us this fantastic seven-day holiday trip to Kerala which included Trivandrum, Alleppey, Kochi (Cochin) and Thodupuzha.  We were both overwhelmed by the unforgettable experience….. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Ray & Dixita Budhia

Wellington, New Zealand

We loved the ATI Travel itinerary which included a great selection of activities and phenomenally delicious food. The tour was set to a good, relaxed pace. Joji was super efficient in communications via email…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +
Tess Lenart

Sydney, Australia

Overall we enjoyed the trip and the itinerary worked well for us.  The quality of the guides was good generally although the English of some was a little challenging to understand. Mr Singh and the other…. Full testimonial & photo gallery +

Claire & John

Wellington, New Zealand

“The food was a new and exciting experience that has already encouraged me to renew my pantry spices”

It truly was so much more than I had ever expected and I cannot think of anything that could be added to make those 12 days more enjoyable. Your attention to detail in planning, in accommodation, in the balance of activity/relaxation, and most of all in the care and concern you took for us all in actual ” hands-on” support…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Cicely Tulloch

Wellington, New Zealand

Throughout our tour, I had the luxury to sit back and absorb the wonderful sights and sounds of South India. From the accommodation, eating establishments, to transport all the stress of travelling was taken away…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Nina & Thomas Velleman

Wellington, New Zealand

I can’t speak highly enough of our tour hosts Shani, Joji and Shashwath. They spent every single second dedicated to making our trip extra special…. Full testimonial and photo gallery +

Liz Hayes

Wellington, New Zealand

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